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Breakfast in Paris

Having been to Paris enough times to appreciate the necessity of a neighbourhood boulangerie (bakery), it was with delight on my family’s last trip, that I pinpointed a boulangerie across the street from our rental apartment on rue de la Fédération (15th arrondissement).

Each morning, before rousing the kids, with pure anticipation, my husband and I would make our daily pilgrimage down the three flights of stairs to street level and pop across to the boulangerie. Seeking out the source for our morning baguette and pain au chocolates has become one of our favourite rituals when in Paris.

I find returning home from Paris one tends to suffer from a bit of PPD (Post Paris Depression). I think this was the reason we began having ‘Paris Breakfasts’ once we returned home. We began sampling the baguettes and pain au chocolates sold throughout our home city. We haven’t found a baguette yet that can compete with a Paris baguette. But we have discovered a few buttery, flaky, chocolately croissants that make us close our eyes and dream of Paris, if only for a short time.

Quite honestly embedding your travels into your everyday life is a wonderful practice that will nourish your soul and keep your travel memories alive…until your next adventure.






4 thoughts on “Breakfast in Paris

    • Thanks for commenting! I loved hearing that you lived in Paris and are familiar with visiting boulangeries. I oved that Parisian people started their mornings by first going to get a croissant or baguette for breakfast!

  1. I just came back from my trip to Paris where I`ve been for the first time. Unfortunately this time I didn`t have the opportunity to visit good French restaurants, but boulangeries are another thing. I really enjoyed freshly baked delicious things 😉 You are welcome to check my newly created post about my Parisian adventures with photos;)

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