Benefits of Travel / Travel

Side Effects of Travel

Whether it’s a trip to Paris or a weekend jaunt to the mountains, simply getting away from every day routines can open your mind and enlighten your perspective.

Putting space between yourself and the constraints of your daily grind through travel is practical and beneficial. Practical because you can choose to go away overnight or for 7 nights; you can choose to go low budget or splurge and go fancy; you can take a friend or embrace some me-time.

Beneficial because at the very least travel serves to help us appreciate what we have – family, friends, and a place to come home to. Here are a few more fringe benefits:


Putting some distance between you and your everyday life gives you a renewed perspective. Life looks different from another angle. The enormity of your problems will look smaller when you are out in the world. Truly tiny, if you travel to a country where the locals are smiling and enjoying life despite a lower standard of living than your own.


As your problems begin to look smaller, your creativity will begin to grow. Your mind gets lazy doing what it always knows. Expose your mind to what it doesn’t know – a new culture, public transportation in another city, another language – your mind will literally have to work outside its comfort zone. Creativity will begin to flow.


Seeing something you’ve only read about for the first time – like the sparkling Eiffel Tower, or eating scallops just fresh from the ocean, or glimpsing a deer during a mountain hike. These experiences make us take a quick breath and realize that there is so much more out there to see, to taste, to feel. That our everyday life does not define us, that there is so much more out there for us to experience.


Pack up your essentials and stuff them into a bag or a suitcase. Suddenly deciding what to wear is easier – and less stressful – when you have only a few outfits to choose from. Finally you can read a book because you have only one to choose from. The clutter and stuff are left behind. This is a freedom that is best realized while travelling.


Having rich memories help to define who we are, where we’re at, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Travel gives us both good and not so good memories that help us grow. And when we stumble and lose touch with what is important, travel memories remind us of our true selves. And we do it all over again.

I love being 276 m up with a glass of champagne in my hand!


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